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If you are involved in youth baseball or softball then chances are your ball field is not in the best shape that it could be in. Now is the time to begin ramping up your fundraising efforts to improve your baseball or softball field. Maybe you need new bases? Have to repair fencing? Looking to improve your infield? Want to add a batting cage or a new bullpen? Here is a list of fundraising ideas that can be done on for free to help your cause.
1. List Your Field and Share on Social Media
When you sign up on FixAField, you can list your field for free. What do you have to lose? Add a description of the current field conditions and what you are looking to do to improve the field. Add pictures and videos to help tell your story. Be specific. Set Goals. If you need to repair fencing, explain it in detail and why it is important to your field. Every field can be improved in some way, shape or form, so be creative and specific in your vision for your field improvements. Donors want to help and they can’t if you don’t sign your field up and create awareness of the specific upgrades your field needs. Share the page with your immediate donors, supporters, past sponsors and parents who participate in the league and oversee the field. Easily share on Facebook and Twitter to reach other donors who want to help.
2. Create Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Donors
Take your field listing a step further by adding creative sponsorship opportunities for different donation levels. For example, do you have an annual yearbook or program? A $35 donation can get a donors name in the yearbook as a thank you for contributing. Or maybe a $150 will get a corporate donors logo on an entire page. What about your outfield fence? Is it bare? Set a sponsorship opportunity of $250 – $500 for corporate donors to get their business name and logo on a banner on your outfield fence. Apparel, such as T-Shirts, are also a good way to give back to donors. The point is, you can be as creative as you want and set up as many different sponsorship levels that you want on FixAField for your donors.
3. Create an Event
FixAField offers a fully integrated events management system in connection to your field. Simply add a new event and share the event with your friends and family on social media and through email. Good ideas for events include: Field Clean Up Days, Softball Tournaments, Home Run Derby Challenges, Bowling Nights, Trivia Nights, 5K Walk/Run, Pancake Breakfast etc. The list goes on and on. Setting up an event and managing attendees and donation revenue has never been easier.
These three tools empower your league to raise the funds necessary to make improvements to your ball field. Once money is raised, you have free resources with the FixAField Advisory Board to help guide you along the way when making improvements to your field.
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